In the UK, the Culture, Media and Sport Committee has published a report recommending scalable fines for companies that fail to adequately safeguard against data breaches.

With many companies choosing to outsource IT applications and data hosting, how do you feel a hosting provider should step up to the mark to ensure your data doesn’t suffer any level of breach? What are the biggest challenges for you when considering a hosting provider? How are you budgeting for the inevitable growth of data and the need for increased hosting capacity?

Among some of the most topical Big Data considerations at the moment are globalisation, growth of data and rapid change management. Each of these bring their own set of challenges when it comes to data security.


Data transaction speeds can be key to a business’s competitiveness. With globally dispersed operations, it’s often advantageous to host data in proximity to users and customers, no matter where they are. Alternatively, flexible thin-client solutions can ensure that data is centralised but provide a fast window

This potentially complex challenge can be simplified by a single hosting provider, who meets your data security needs, such as required TIA-942 level, ISO & other security governance standards and notification procedures, on a global basis.

Rapid Change Management

Being able to deliver change as soon as it’s needed enables your business to move ahead of competitors.

An outsourced hosting provider shouldn’t be seen as a bottleneck; in fact quite the opposite. With high levels of technology expertise (combined with proven processes to deliver change management requests rapidly), your hosting provider can typically be a huge asset to your business. With a structured approach to change control and massive flexibility on system resource availability, cloud providers often look to enhance the flexibility and agility of a business’ IT estate.

Growth of Data

As you grow, your data grows. As you understand more about your customers, your data grows. Data growth is a matter of breadth and depth, and will inevitably continue as your sales, marketing and customer care operations increase.

The nature of data volume growth & fluctuations makes it hard to predict your requirements and budget accordingly, so partnering with a hosting provider who can offer ongoing flexibility across capacity AND the cost, within a hosting environment that meets your security needs, gives you more predictability.