QuickThink Cloud is pleased to announce its latest strategic partnership with professional services software supplier, GCON4.

Like QuickThink Cloud, GCON4 provides innovative solutions within the Unit4 Business World (formally Agresso) space.  One of their major innovations is the GCON4 MFL tool, which was created with the intention of helping UBW customers to streamline and greatly reduce their time to perform data migrations and overall management of Unit4 Business World master files and data sets.

The new partnership sees the immediate implementation of the GCON4 MFL tool on QuickThink Cloud’s hosting platform, giving customers access to the software’s powerful feature set.  This is the fully featured version of the software with no compromises, full access and exceptional performance.  GCON4 MFL allows new Unit4 Business World customers the ability to load vast amounts of data into their new system both quickly and efficiently.  Existing Unit4 Business World customers can benefit by ensuring that that key synchronisation routines are automated between clients and maintained by GCON4 MFL.  This can all be achieved under a simple SaaS based subscription licensing model, giving access to the tool as and when it is needed.

QuickThink Cloud maintains an ISO27001 accredited cloud operation across a global platform of data centres from Singapore, to London all the way to Los Angeles.  With a large stable of multi-national customers demanding high-performance, highly available and highly secure cloud systems, the partnership with GCON4 will allow any of QuickThink Cloud’s Unit4 Business World customers to further streamline their processes by taking advantage of the powerful features that GCON4’s suite of tools offers.

As QuickThink Cloud’s Technical Director, David Barrett, explains:

The ability to integrate the GCON4 solution into our cloud offering represents a new and significant capability for both our existing customers and future prospects, as we continue to offer the most connected, integrated and dynamic Unit4 Business World cloud-hosted platform on the market today.

If would would like to know more about the new GCON4 MFL tool or QuickThink Cloud’s partnership with GCON4 please feel free to contact us directly.