New Look – Same Fantastic Service!

As QuickThink Cloud continues to reach milestone after milestone in terms of growth, turnover, customer acquisition and retention, the team felt that a new look and feel was appropriate.  QuickThink Cloud is a company that prides itself on superb customer service, secure and reliable hosting and innovative solutions and products.  It’s also a company immersed in technology, with a perfect blend of both geekiness and professionalism melded together to produce a winning formula.  The new logo, website and all things ‘QuickThink Cloud’ will follow a new set of brand guidelines and we look forward to seeing what other materials our trusted marketing partner Squarebird can produce for us in the future.


Why the rebrand?

QuickThink Cloud has always stood for quality and innovation, but both the board and staff discussed the lack of a cohesive branding and modern appeal of our logo at our most recent corporate team building weekend in CenterParcs, Longleat.  These weekends are hugely beneficial to both the company and staff, but also their families as they are also invited to come along and join in with many of the activities.  It was when (in addition to staff) the partners and children also mentioned that they were not keen on the logo that immediate action was taken!  The new look and feel was produced in a style that reflected the directors’ love of retro video game artwork and QuickThink Cloud’s staff’s highly approachable but professional working style and ethos.


Why use Squarebird?

QuickThink Cloud is based in Bristol in the South West of the UK.  Much of what we do requires a multinational outlook and sees us engaging with a diverse set of suppliers across the globe, but when we discovered Squarebird’s locality to us (and their quality of work) we knew immediately that we wanted to use them.  As Business Leader Awards finalists in 2018, Squarebird have also grown from strength to strength in recent years and QuickThink Cloud were very pleased to support a local business that is run by a young, dynamic and (we think!) very capable design team.


How will branding look in the future?

QuickThink Cloud will continue to evolve our branding to better reflect who we are, what we do and (most importantly) convey the way that we do it.  With cost-effective cloud hosting, expert ERP system support, Advanced DR systems, powerful cloud backup solutions and everything in between, QuickThink Cloud will continue to grow and provide organisations with the services they deserve at a price-point that is right.  Our new branding will now attempt to convey these messages in a way that was not previously possible, so we look forward to the new services that will come online in 2019 (such as specialist integration services) and the new ways that Squarebird will find to convey them!