Over the past 12 months we have seen a significant increase in the number of customers that are looking to archive their previous implementation of UBW / Agresso in order to re-implement UBW without any baggage (all whilst retaining access to their legacy system, data and documents). QuickThink Cloud offers extensive services (both on-prem and on our cloud-hosted platform) for achieving this, which is why we have put together this brief summary of how this works and what organisations can expect from such a service.

Legacy Hosting in the Cloud – Fully Supported!

Just to be clear, placing your legacy UBW system in the cloud is both possible and cost-effective. Whilst Unit4’s cloud offering does not support hosting legacy systems on their Azure cloud platform (which is understandable; their platform is designed to support the latest supported versions of the UBW software), the QuickThink Cloud solution is architected in such a way that it is quick and easy to migrate legacy systems (and indeed current systems!) onto our cloud platform. This includes the ability to both access the data directly as well as via the UBW application interface for ease of use.

What are the benefits of migrating a legacy UBW system into the QTC Cloud?

There are many benefits for migrating your legacy system into the QTC Cloud, most typically to ensure that your organisation is compliant with security audits and data retention policies. A good example might be a customer with an Agresso 5.4 legacy system that is currently hosted on-prem. This system will likely be sat on a Server 2003 platform and / or might be sat on hardware that is aging. It might also be problematic for IT teams to support (knowledge of Agresso 5.4, 5.5, etc is not easily available), or the ability to access the data via the Agresso smart-client interface may no longer be possible. QuickThink Cloud can quickly, easily and securely migrate these systems onto our cloud platform using our tried and tested legacy migration routines, affording organisations continued access to their legacy data whilst ensuring that both the security of the data and ease of access is maintained.

In addition to this, those customers that are already on our Cloud or use our Technical Managed Service offering qualify for a significant discount when hosting their legacy data with us.

UBW Cloud Hosting

QuickThink Cloud not only host and manage legacy Agresso systems, but also UBW systems of any shape or size. Our exceptional Managed Service and Cloud Hosting solutions allow organisations across all sectors to safely and securely entrust their UBW systems to QuickThink Cloud in the knowledge that they will retain access to their database, their AG16’s, their data files and all other aspects of system management and integrations that they enjoyed on their on-prem systems. This is all wrapped up with support from an exceptional (dedicated) team of UBW experts and cloud technology professionals to deliver first class cloud-hosting and technical managed service solutions.