Who are QuickThink Cloud?

QuickThink Cloud is comprised of Unit4 Product Experts, Cloud Computing Gurus and Support Specialists offering the Unit4 eco-system unparalleled customer service and excellence.

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Where customers matter.

QuickThink Cloud is an independent Unit4 Cloud Hosting, Managed Service and Product Consultancy with a global footprint. With offices in Chicago, IL, Vancouver, BC and the United Kingdom, QuickThink Cloud are committed to serving an international and ever-changing customer base.

QuickThink Cloud’s goal is to add as much value as possible to our customer’s experience of their Unit4 product. We do this through our commitment to building long term relationships and by staying at the forefront of the technological solutions we can provide.

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Meet the management team:

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Adrian Knight

North American Sales & Customer Engagement

Adrian is a creative visionary that helps customers define their needs and then forges the solution using his 13 years’ experience in the Unit4 software and professional services industries.

Adrian brings to QuickThink Cloud strong leadership, a demonstrated desire to improve the experience of his customers and the ability to form enduring partnerships by always taking a ‘customer first’ approach. He focuses very strongly on how he can optimize his customers investment in the UBW ecosystem.

Prior to his life at QTC, Adrian operated in the Unit4 eco-system both in the United Kingdom and since 2014 in North America, working with over 300 Unit4 clients. During that time, he’s witnessed huge changes in the market in terms of the product capabilities and the service levels available to customers. It’s these lessons and experiences that he utilizes every day at QuickThink Cloud to ensure customers receive exceptional engagement.

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Allen Nel

North American Service Delivery & Consulting Lead

Allen brings a wealth of experience to his role at QuickThink Cloud and to its customers. His early career as an accountant allowed Allen to gain exposure to businesses of all shapes and sizes, culminating in a CFO / General Manager role in British Columbia. Allen later combined his rich accounting and business skills with a more recent ERP & IT career where he has become an expert in Unit4 technology, systems design & implementation, on-going management and best practice.

Since 2013 Allen has worked across the Unit4 eco-system, for the software vendor directly as a Senior Implementation Consultant, for Partner service providers and latterly for an end user of both Unit4 ERP (Agresso / Business World) and Unit4 FP&A (Prevero). In this most recent role, Allen was a customer of QuickThink Cloud’s Cloud Hosting platform and this positive experience was a factor in his decision to join the North American business.

In addition to his Business/Accounting and Unit4 product capabilities, Allen delivers his knowledge to clients and colleagues with exceptional communication and an uncanny ability to digest complex problems and deliver simple solutions. Allen’s commitment to delivering the best possible technological solutions for QuickThink Cloud’s customers is unmatched – he’s built a career and reputation on being someone who’s opinion is to be listened to and trusted.

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Ian Witts

QTC Global Director

With over 20 years’ experience working in and around Enterprise Systems, Ian traditionally specialized in high-technology environments and implementing systems that require extensive integrations. His previous roles as a Technical Project Manager, Senior Managed Service Consultant and Systems Accountant (amongst others) give Ian a broad range of experiences to draw upon in his role as a Director at QuickThink Cloud.

With experience across most industry, NGO and Governmental sectors, Ian’s industry knowledge (combined with understanding of the technological challenges faced within each sector) provide him with an insight into the best way to deliver the dynamic cloud platforms that fellow Global Director David Barrett works tirelessly to design and develop along with his team of engineers.

Ian brings to the role a strong commercial background, exceptional strategic technical knowledge and the capacity to build effective management teams around him.

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David Barrett

QTC Global Director

With a passion for technology and first-class knowledge of the current technological landscape, David is the driving force behind the highly scalable, highly available systems that QuickThink Cloud prides itself on delivering.

David works closely with the management team to ensure that these systems can swiftly and easily be delivered into QuickThink Cloud’s extensive customer base. His ability to simplify complex technical strategies and concepts enable David to keep all stakeholders well informed and is typically present when dealing with both the senior management team and the technical delivery teams. It is because David is able to communicate with stakeholders at all levels that he often gets the most out of the teams that he is working with; through clear, concise and well thought-out strategies.

David’s experience primarily revolves around the commercial sector and central / local government, but has experience across most sectors thanks to his extensive ERP knowledge (primarily with the Unit4 ERP – Agresso/Business World). David’s experience was carried over into QuickThink Cloud in 2013 where his contributions included the introduction of automated scalable platforms and extensive use of IPS (Intrusion Prevention Services) into all solutions.

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