Making Tax Digital – Unit4 Business World ERP (Agresso) Add-On.

One of QTC’s product partners, Integra Associates, have launched Expert Solutions specially for Unit4 Business World ERP (Agresso) systems.

Make your tax digital with Integra Associates’ HMRC approved Unit4 ERP solution: Making Tax Digital VAT. Designed solely for Unit4 ERP systems, this leading Making Tax Digital VAT solution helps businesses effectively manage VAT return and stay compliant with the upcoming ‘digital link’ deadline.

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Making Tax Digital Deadline.

Is your business ready for the April 2021 ‘digital link’ deadline?

By April 2021, businesses must move all transfer and exchange of VAT return data online and use a ‘digital link’ instead of manual copy and paste methods to transfer VAT data to HMRCs dedicated API according to HMRC. A digital link is a digital journey of data between software programs, applications and products; in this case, VAT return data travels from a business’ Unit4 ERP system to HMRC’s dedicated API for the submission of a VAT return.

Utilising dedicated Making Tax Digital software is the quickest and easiest solution for businesses in need of a long-term, compliant ‘digital link’.

Integra Associates’ specially developed Unit4 ERP add-on makes VAT returns and HMRC compliance simple for businesses. Connecting a business’ Unit4 ERP system directly to HMRC’s API, Integra Associates’ Making Tax Digital solution is an industry leading software with great benefits for business.

Ensure your business has a compliant digital link before the deadline and try Integra Associate’s Making Tax Digital solution with a 30-day free trial.

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Benefits of Making Tax Digital Solution

Key benefits of Integra Associates’ Making Tax Digital VAT solution:

  • Fully approved by HMRC
  • Compliant with ‘April 2021 digital link’ requirements
  • Works on all milestone versions of Unit4 ERP (Agresso)
  • Compatible with desktop and web versions on Unit4 ERP (Agresso)
  • Works with various VAT set-ups
  • No spreadsheets due to direct link from Unit4 ERP to HMRC’s API
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