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QuickThink Cloud offers a full spectrum of Unit4 Business World technical services, from technical consultancy all the way through to full cloud hosting & managed services.

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Why choose QuickThink Cloud?

QuickThink Cloud offer a wide range of Unit 4 Business World (Agresso) hosting packages and services to suit organisations of all shapes and sizes.

Whether it’s a fully-hosted Enterprise UBW system with thin-client deployment, Single Sign-On and VPN connectivity through to simple, friendly performance tuning / advice on the security of your UNIT4 Business World system, QuickThink Cloud offers UBW hosting, support and consultancy packages to suit all types of organisations.

QuickThink Cloud hosts a vast number of Enterprise UNIT4 Business World (Agresso) systems and associated technologies on their extensive high availability cloud platform(s). If you would like to have your UBW system fully managed and delivered to any device, anywhere at any time and realise substantial cost savings, QuickThink Cloud are here to assist you.

QuickThink Cloud have migrated a huge number of UBW organisations from their existing system environments onto the QuickThink Cloud. These include many customers migrating from the UNIT4 Cloud, third-party hosting providers (such as BT, etc.) or their incumbent in-house systems where they no longer feel it is cost effective or appropriate for them to host and manage their own UBW environments. All on-boarding (and off-boarding) is included as part of the service, avoiding any nasty or hidden costs or expenses.

For customers that host UBW in-house (or have already outsourced their Agresso Cloud Hosting to a third-party provider) QuickThink Cloud has a comprehensive UBW Managed Service offering, providing full support and UBW system maintenance on your internal platform. The QuickThink Cloud UBW Managed Service can typically be used in place of the traditional technical support provided by UNIT4, offering significantly more within the service scope including updates, upgrades and most aspects of technical support and consultancy (as well as a DBA, thin-client support, Active Directory Services, etc).  QTC have you covered.

Whether it is UBW installation, technical configuration, performance issues, security audits, upgrades or just general troubleshooting, QuickThink Cloud can provide support and technical consultancy to your assist your organisation with any UBW-related work. Our experience spans all sectors, including high security, multi-national rollouts / optimisations as well as smaller organisations looking to consolidate and get the most out of the environment they have in place. We can also sense-check / audit work that has been completed by external companies if required.  This is often a useful service when performance issues are encountered.

QuickThink Cloud offer standard, advanced and extreme disaster recovery solutions for organisations that demand the maximum availability. With continuous, up to the second replication at the highest tier, your organisation can enjoy exceptional resilience in the event of a disaster scenario. Keep your UNIT4 Business World Hosting (and any other high availability systems) secure with our proven disaster recovery solutions.

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QuickThink Cloud will provide the technical project management to fully prepare for your migration or upgrade.

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Our expert technical consultants can build and upgrade your UBW environments with short lead times.

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Your QuickThink Cloud systems will all enjoy 24/7 automated monitoring to ensure that they are optimal.

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Our performance tuning and system optimisation ensures that your systems run at peak performance.