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Discover some of the latest feedback we’ve receieved from a variety of our valued clients across a wide range of industries, and leave your own comments if you have any ideas about how we can improve QuickThink Cloud for the better!

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What do our customers think?

Customer feedback is incredibly useful to us at QuickThink Cloud, as it provides us with the opportunity to show future prospects and the rest of the industry what our customers say about us whilst being able to identify both the strengths and weaknesses of our current offering.

Take a look at what our valued customers are saying about QuickThink Cloud, and how it’s changing how their businesses perform for the better below:

5 Star Rating

Liz Bebbington

Financial Systems Manager, NHS Customer

QuickThink Cloud are extremely helpful and reliable, responding quickly and efficiently to any issues we report. Often they have identified and fixed a problem before we were even aware of it!

5 Star Rating

Lesley Armstrong

Systems Accountant, Local Authority

QuickThink Cloud’s professional credentials are beyond question; continuing to demonstrate a superior level of customer care, service, knowledge, availability, reliability and value for money.

5 Star Rating

Lee Foster

IT Support Technician, Commercial Sector

We have always found QuickThink Cloud to be extremely responsive, helpful and knowledgeable. We always get a speedy response and any queries or issues are resolved promptly and are seen through to the end.

5 Star Rating

Andrew Malcolm

Lead Agresso Consultant, Local Authority

QuickThink Cloud are very approachable and knowledgeable on their whole product. We find that their willingness and experience to help us work through solutions to often complex issues on teleconferences are a massive help.

5 Star Rating

Frances Lubbe

Business Systems Manager, Commercial Sector

QuickThink Cloud are an outstanding company with excellent technical knowledge. Their response and resolution times are well above average, and the team are always willing to go above and beyond to help solve an issue.

5 Star Rating

Debbie Clifford

Head of HR Systems, NHS Organisation

QuickThink Cloud are always extremely knowledgeable and efficient, providing a first class service with open, honest dialogue. Truly a supplier that wants to understand and improve your service experience.

5 Star Rating

Sanjay Patel

CIO, Commercial Sector

A very responsive, agile and innovative organisation, that are always striving to provide the best technical and customer solutions at a competitive commercial rate.

5 Star Rating

Sanjiv Patel

Unit4 Business World Analyst, Commercial Organisation

Quickthink Cloud provide an excellent, fast and efficient service as they have a whole team of knowledgeable professionals across their entire organisation.

5 Star Rating

Julie Niven

EBusiness Service Delivery Manager, Commercial Sector

Choosing QuickThink Cloud were knowledgeable, helpful and project focused, and we undoubtedly would not have made our timeline without their contribution and support.

5 Star Rating

Andrew Woodford

Management Accountant, Further Education

I cannot speak highly enough of QuickThink Cloud. The account management by the team is very fast and very effective, never turning away from foolish questions and always supplying well thought-out solutions.

5 Star Rating

Mark Hitchings

Systems Development, NHS Organisation

The team at QuickThink Cloud are like an extension of our in-house team; very knowledgeable, responsive and helpful.

5 Star Rating

Lewis Smith

Business Systems Service and Support Manager

“During a period of huge change, QTC enabled us to respond to every challenge without fail. For every issue, there was a well- considered solution and pleasingly, despite the increased agility afforded to us by the scalable cloud architecture, the answer was not always throw more capacity at it. In fact, quite often the answer was collaboration to agree innovative use of existing solutions – saving us money, as well as time.”

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If you have any thoughts about the service we’ve provided to you that we could use to positively develop our business moving forward, we would be extremely grateful to hear your comments below:

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