The National Trust.

With a large and dynamic implementation team the National Trust needed highly robust, flexible and dynamic Agresso cloud environments to match. As always, QuickThink Cloud delivered.

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About the project.

The National Trust are a large charity with a clear purpose and broad range of interests. Their governance arrangements reflect these and are designed to support and challenge their staff. Their professional staff run the properties and the wider organisation. Founded in 1895 by three people who saw the importance of the nation’s heritage and open spaces, they wanted to preserve them for everyone to enjoy. More than 120 years later, these values are still at the heart of everything The National Trust does.

The National Trust sought to revolutionise its systems estate with extensive new ERP and associated technologies, delivering value to its members and allowing its staff and volunteers. Knowing that their deadlines were tight, The National Trust knew to use QuickThink Cloud to host their UBW systems because of the rapid deployment methodology on offer, expert UBW support and the ability to provide a fully hosted UBW platform (including both UBW Desktop and UBW Web delivery) in under 24 hours.

The National Trust needed to ensure that their ERP system delivery was on time, on budget and delivered the value that their supporters and staff deserved. This required a large implementation team that required immediate and flexible access to 5 UBW environments to ensure that they could prototype and build the system in a way that suited a large, professional and collaborative team. QuickThink Cloud provisioned these environments over the space of just two days, delivering a flexible, secure and high-performing system to The National Trust.

Working with QuickThink Cloud and UNIT4, The National Trust used QuickThink Cloud’s platform to quickly and efficiently develop the ERP system and all the many interfaces it would require to function in a large, complex and highly accountable organisation such as The National Trust. 20-minute system restore / refresh cycles, delivered tirelessly by the QuickThink Cloud support team allowed for this, freeing up the project teams to maximise the use of their time.

The UBW systems were then to be transposed into the National Trust’s IT estate as part of a wider initiative to bring together all their systems and integrations in an ambitious project. QuickThink Cloud, a trusted partner by this stage, was chosen to complete this task as well as provide our exceptional on-prem UBW Technical Managed Service to continue to support these systems after their migration into the National Trust’s wider systems estate. This was done swiftly and without any issues or delays to the project.
The previous disparate systems that The National Trust dealt with were consolidated and enhanced through the introduction of a centralised ERP system such as UNIT4 Business World. QuickThink Cloud’s demonstration of its ability to provision (even temporary) cloud environments within 24 hours to assist its customers proved valuable to The National Trust, ensuring that money was not wasted on consultants that did not have access to systems. Furthermore, transposing QuickThink Cloud’s On-Premises Technical Managed Service allowed the National Trust to ensure that their UNIT4 Business World system was managed by the experts, allowing its staff and volunteers to concentrate on doing what they are best at; preserving the nation’s heritage and open spaces.

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